Client: New Focus Network

Our Role: Creative Development, Production, Post-Production, Sound Design

Linda has an infectious energy that puts a smile on anyone’s face. When she came to us to take her show all the way from branding development through delivery of a produced show, we couldn’t have been more excited. She travels the world preaching peace, and she’s only getting started. We also did a background film on her that you can see here.

A Happy Place: The infinite avenues to find your peace are all part of what fuels the passion of Peace Muse, Linda Ragsdale. As the founder of the non-profit The Peace Dragon, TedxPresenter, International keynote speaker, author and mother of three, she’s traveled roads that could rock anyone off their foundations. Severely wounded in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, she started teaching and traveling the world with her message of peace. When cancer came, she kept her joy and spread her message of hope and happiness with pictures and posts modeling the choices we can make during our greatest challenges.